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Block 259

Block 259 is Singapore's only block of circular flats and is a distinctive feature of Ang Mo Kio. It was designed by HDB and is located along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2, overlooking Bishan Park and Peirce Reservoir. It was completed in 1981, as the first in a plan by HDB to build distinctive blocks in seven estates to foster a sense of identity in each town and to establish a unique form of architecture.

The point block consists of 96 five-room flats, with four units per floor. The design is unique in that it is constructed using solid instead of the usual hollow bricks, and the bedrooms face either north or south while the living rooms and kitchens face east or west. This was meant to ensure that the flat stayed cool throughout the day.

There were opposing responses to the construction of the building. Some praised it for being unique whereas others criticised its design for being extravagant and impractical. That being said, this block has become a landmark today and its flats are still highly sought after by prospective buyers due to their unique design.