Yishun 10

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Yishun 10

Opened in 1992, Yishun 10 was Asia's first Cineplex. The 2,552 seat cineplex with ten auditoriums cost $37 million to build and revolutionised the cinema industry in Singapore. 

The brainchild of Golden Village, Yishun 10 was a joint venture between Hong Kong Company Golden Harvest and Australian company Village Roadshow. Prior to the construction of Yishun 10, cinemas usually comprised of only one or two halls and there were limited screening times. After Yishun 10 was built, there were ten auditoriums screening different shows concurrently, rendering the visitors a wide variety of choices. People flocked to Yishun 10 to catch movies due to its strategic location and accessibility by public transport. 

Yishun 10 remarkably pioneered trends like the computerised ticketing system, physically-challenged-friendly features, lush interior fittings such as carpets and ergonomic chairs. Apart from these, there was a single projection room stretching across all ten auditoriums to ensure the efficiency of film projection.