Teochew Building

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Teochew Building
The Teochew Building is a three-storey building constructed with Chinese architectural elements such as the upturned roof eaves and the balcony balustrade with Oriental motifs. The building was completed in 1963 and it occupied the former site of the Tuan Mong School. 

The school was established by the local Teochew community in 1918. It was renamed in 1955 as the Tuan Mong High School. The building was also the old premises for the Ngee Ann College, the predecessor to the Ngee Ann Polytechnic during its founding period in 1963 - 68. Currently, it contains the offices of the Ngee Ann Kongsi, the Singapore Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan and the Ngee Ann Kongsi Collections Gallery. There are regular exhibitions and events held there to promote Chinese arts, culture, customs, practices, and beliefs.


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