Beginning of the End

Local photographer Chow Chee Yong’s four-month documentation captures the last moments of the National Stadium as the grand process of demolition was carried out. As the stadium stood for 37 years in Kallang, Chow titled his work ‘Project 37’ which also comprises a set of 37 images. The demolition process actually made it possible for Chow to capture the architecture and landscape of the stadium from different angles. His black and white photographs are clearly a tribute to this national building whilst charting the development of the demolition. More importantly, they serve as a record of the nation's history and the individual's story, emotions and memories. ‘Beginning of the End’ provides another view of the grand stand, with a portion of the stadium’s roof still remaining. As the title of this print suggests, this is the start of the demolition process that will lead to the end of the stadium. The roof is a prominent feature that has contributed to the iconic architecture of the stadium. With the gradual removal of the roof by the crane, Chow has presented a cross-section of the stadium, a perspective of the architecture that was made possible by the demolition work. The demolition is clearly in progress as the bulldozers work on the stripped grass field. Similarly in this photograph, the seats of the grand stand have been removed, leaving only the nails embedded in the concrete foundation.

Artist Name
Chow Chee Yong
Image size: 96.4 x 125.3 cm
Accession No.
Giclée Print mounted on Diasec
Collection of
National Museum of Singapore
Photographs and Negatives