Rent Collection Courtyard: A Revolution In Sculpture

This rare out-of-print book is heavily illustrated with photographs of sculptures that first appeared in a project called the Rent Collection Courtyard. The project was created by a group of teachers and students from the Sichuan Art Academy in 1965 to show the fierce class struggle between the Chinese peasants and the ruling feudal landlords prior to the socialist revolution. This is the English version of the book published in 1970 by China’s Foreign Languages Press.The Rent Collection Courtyard had more than a hundred life-sized ceramic sculptures depicting the peasant farmers of Sichuan tyrannised by real-life landlord, Liu Wen-tsai. Initially displayed in the actual rent collection courtyard of Liu’s mansion, the many sculptures depicted peasants bringing their rent into a notorious landlord’s residence, his brutal exploitation of them and how they ultimately rose up against him.

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