This is pair of “Kasut Manek”, the literal meaning being “beaded shoes”. As the piece comes with low heels, it is also known as “Kasut Tumit”. The slipper face is covered with bead embroidery or threading. This is a technique where coloured seed beads are stitched onto a base fabric using needle and thread. More specifically, petit point beadwork is used here. The needle worker uses coloured beads to stitch out patterns drawn onto square paper. Such bead embroidery was usually done on velvet or plain weave cotton and required the use of a frame or ‘pidangan’. The seed beads used here could be “Rocaille beads” or beads made of coloured glass. These are usually spheroidal in shape (compressed at the sides). The main decorative motifs consist of three goldfish of different colours. These creatures are auspicious symbols of abundance and wealth in the Chinese culture. These fish are set against a lime green background.

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Cotton counted thread canvas, cotton thread, glass beads, leather
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Peranakan Museum
Garments and Accessories