Indian National Army Uniform belonging to Captain John Jacob

Prior to Worl War II period, Indians in Singapore and Malaya retained strong political, sentimental and economic ties with their home country. Anti-colonial thoughts and actions, inspired by the "call for freedom" in India, resonated in the region too. Radio broadcasts, newspaper reports and visits by nationalist leaders strengthened the nationalistic mood among the migrant Indian community. The Indian National Army and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose brought to the fore the spirit of nationalism. Capt.John Jacob joined the INA's Suicide Squad. He was also enrolled into the INA's Officer's Training School and the INA's Intelligence wing. Following the war, he became a member of the Ex-INA Committee, The Netaji-Memorial Library, The Netaji Hindi High School, the Dakshina Bharata Hindi Prachar Sabha, the Netaji Research Bureau, the Indian Welfare Home and the Worker's Education Association. He was employed at the Chronicle English Daily newspaper and as a Food Control and SIB Officer. Capt.John Jacob continued to be an active spokesperson of the INA until his demise. He agreed to donate his INA uniform for display at the Indian Heritage Centre in his lifetime.

Late 20th century
Singapore and India
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Collection of
Indian Heritage Centre
Credit Line
Ms Elizabeth Mathew, on behalf of her late father, Captain John Jacob
Garments and Accessories