1. National Monuments are buildings, structures and sites that possess national significance and are protected by the Preservation of Monuments Act.
    The Museum Roundtable (MR) comprises a collective of over 50 public and private museums, heritage galleries and unique attractions in Singapore.
    Marked Historic Sites are historically significant places associated with important events, communities or personalities.
    This section covers buildings, structures, sites and landscape features in Singapore of architectural, historical or cultural interest.



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  • Wayang Stage


    The wayang stage was an important part of Pulau Ubin's social life. For decades, Chinese opera or wayang performances on the stage was the island's only form of entertainment. In the past, the stage also served as a rallying platform during election period.

  • Sian Teck Tng

    Sian Teck Tng Temple

    Sian Teck Tng (“Hall of Good Merit” in Teochew) was built in 1904 as a zhaitang (or vegetarian convent) for female devotees. Located at Cuppage Road, this Chinese temple was frequented by some of the residents of Emerald Hill.

    National History
  • Gem Museum

    Gem Museum

    The Gem Museum is the first and foremost comprehensive gems and minerals museum in Singapore, open to the public. It was officially launched on 1 June 2015. The gem museum features a wide variety of gemstones and minerals from all corners of the world, educating visitors on the mine to market pipeline with regards to value, quality and authenticity.

    Science-Innovation, Lifestyle, Nature
  • Istana Heritage Gallery

    Istana Heritage Gallery

    The Istana Heritage Gallery offers visitors a glimpse into the rich history and heritage of the Istana, a national monument whose history was closely intertwined with Singapore’s transition into an independent nation.

    Culture & Community, National History
  • National Gallery Singapore

    National Gallery Singapore

    National Gallery Singapore is a visual arts institution which oversees the largest public collection of modern art in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Situated in the heart of the Civic District, the Gallery is housed in two national monuments—City Hall and former Supreme Court—that have been beautifully restored and transformed into this exciting venue.

  • The Private Museum

    Private Museum

    THE PRIVATE MUSEUM is a registered charity and a registered Institution of a Public Character (IPC) founded by Singaporean philanthropist and real estate developer, Daniel Teo.

  • Carved Building

    Carved Building

    As you walk along Balestier, one building stands out for its distinctive décor. Known to the locals as the Sim Kwong Ho shop house, this building was one of the several shop houses owned by Madam Sim Cheng Neo, a wealthy developer.

  • Pedas Pedas

    Pedas Pedas

    In this commission by the National Museum, the artist represents a common local ingredient: chili. This chili stands at almost four-metres tall!

  • The River Merchants

    The River Merchants

    The sculpture depicts the daily routines of merchants and labourers conducting business around the Singapore River in the 19th Century.

  • From Chettiars to Financiers

    From Chettiars to Financiers

    This sculpture represents the various financial institutions around the Singapore River

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