1. National Monuments are structures and buildings that possess national, historical, social and architectural merit, and are protected by the Preservation of Monuments Act.
    The Museum Roundtable (MR) comprises a collective of over 50 public and private museums, heritage galleries and unique attractions in Singapore.
    Marked Historic Sites are historically significant places associated with important events, communities or personalities.
    This section covers buildings, structures, sites and landscape features in Singapore of architectural, historical or cultural interest.


Places - National Monuments

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  • Saint Andrew's Cathedral

    Saint Andrew's Cathedral

    Saint Andrew's Cathedral is Singapore’s oldest surviving Anglican place of worship and is the seat of the Anglican bishop of Singapore. The magnificent edifice has stood the test of time, bearing witness to the spread of Anglicanism in the region. It also testifies to the contributions of the local Scottish, English, and Indian communities to the growth and development of colonial Singapore.

    Architecture, Culture & Community, National History
  • Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

    Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

    The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd is Singapore's oldest Catholic place of worship and the seat of the local Roman Catholic archbishop. Not only does it bear testimony to the spread of Catholicism in the region, the edifice also serves as a reminder to the contributions of early Catholic missionaries to the fields of religion, architecture, and education in Singapore.

    Culture & Community, Architecture, National History
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