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  • Changi Prison Gate Wall and Turrets

    Changi Prison Entrance Gate and Wall

    Changi Prison was designed to be a maximum security prison to house up to 600 criminals sentenced to long-term imprisonment in British Singapore. The remaining structures of the original prison – the entrance gate, wall and turrets – stand as an enduring symbol of the suffering of those who defended Singapore and the tumultuous years of the Japanese Occupation (1942-1945).

    National History, War
  • Civilian War Memorial

    Civilian War Memorial

    This is the first memorial in Singapore dedicated to the civilian victims of the Japanese Occupation (1942–1945). It calls to mind the shared sufferings of the various ethnic communities in Singapore, and the ardent hope that locals had after the war to rebuild their homes.

    War, Architecture, National History
  • Seletar Airfield

    Seletar Airfield

    Seletar Airfield was the British Royal Air Force’s main base in the Far East, equipped to protect the Sembawang naval base. Indian Prisoners-of-War were interned here

    War, National History
  • Withdrawal to Singapore

    Withdrawal to Singapore

    During the Second World War, the last Allied military troop in Malaya withdrew to Singapore through the Causeway on 31 January 1942, after losing Malaya to the Japanese.

    War, National History
  • Fort Canning Command Centre

    Fort Canning Command Centre

    Fort Canning Command Centre was the site where Lieutenant-General Arthur Percival and his commanders decided to surrender Singapore to the Japanese on 15 February 1942.

    War, National History
  • Execution of Captured Rimau Commandos Historic Marker

    Execution of Captured Rimau Commandos

    Operation Rimau (“tiger” in Malay) was the second Allied commando attack on Japanese ships in Keppel Harbour. It failed, and ten commandos were beheaded by the Japanese near Dover and Clementi Roads.

    War, National History
  • Force 136 Historic Marker

    Force 136

    Force 136 was a British secret service team that operated in Malaya during the Second World War. One of the agents was Lim Bo Seng, who led Gustavus V Operation in 1943. His grave is in the vicinity.

    War, National History
  • Keppel Harbour

    Keppel Harbour

    During the invasion of Malaya, Keppel Harbour was amongst the first targets of Japanese bombing on 8 December 1941. The harbour reflected both hope and desperation for the island at war. Large numbers of soldiers arrived to bolster the defence of Malaya and Singapore.

    War, National History
  • Esplanade Park Memorials

    Esplanade Park Memorials

    At Esplanade Park are Tan Kim Seng Fountain, the Cenotaph, and Lim Bo Seng Memorial. These three memorials were gazetted collectively as a National Monument.

    Architecture, Culture & Community, War, National History
  • Former Command House

    Command House

    The stately Former Command House's role in Singapore’s military history was of paramount importance, especially at the dawn of the Second World War in Asia in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

    Architecture, War, National History
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