1. National Monuments are buildings, structures and sites that possess national significance and are protected by the Preservation of Monuments Act.
    The Museum Roundtable (MR) comprises a collective of over 50 public and private museums, heritage galleries and unique attractions in Singapore.
    Marked Historic Sites are historically significant places associated with important events, communities or personalities.
    This section covers buildings, structures, sites and landscape features in Singapore of architectural, historical or cultural interest.



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  • Gem Museum

    Gem Museum

    The Gem Museum is the first and foremost comprehensive gems and minerals museum in Singapore, open to the public. It was officially launched on 1 June 2015. The gem museum features a wide variety of gemstones and minerals from all corners of the world, educating visitors on the mine to market pipeline with regards to value, quality and authenticity.

    Science-Innovation, Lifestyle, Nature
  • Farrer Park Field

    Farrer Park

    This was the site of the first race course in Singapore. It held weekly horse races and was a popular recreational place among European residents.

    Culture & Community, Lifestyle
  • Former Fullerton Building

    Former Fullerton Building

    The former Fullerton Building is a prominent landmark situated at the mouth of the Singapore River. Most well remembered as the General Post Office (GPO) and having housed several government departments, this building has been a witness to many of Singapore’s milestones.

    Architecture, Lifestyle, National History
  • National Library Singapore

    National Library

    A knowledge icon in the heart of Singapore’s civic, cultural and arts district where our unique history and multi-cultural heritage is captured, preserved and celebrated, National Library Singapore wants to share its rich heritage — past, present and future with visitors.

  • Mint Museum of Toys

    Mint Museum

    Mint Museum of Toys is the world’s first purpose-built museum for toys, showcasing an extensive collection of vintage toys and childhood memorabilia from more than 40 countries, spanning over 170 years. Experience a nostalgic journey through time as you enjoy the world-class display of toys in an award-winning contemporary building, thematically exhibited over four levels.

  • Red Dot Design Museum

    Red Dot Design Museum

    Red Dot Design Museum in Germany and Singapore presents the world's largest exhibition of contemporary design. Every of these exhibits are winners of the international Red Dot Design Award, one of the world's leading and largest design competitions.

  • Singapore Sports Museum

    Singapore Sports Museum

    The Singapore Sports Museum was first established in 1983 and it is a place where sporting dreams are celebrated. The Singapore Sports Museum ensures that the legacy and heritage of sports in Singapore is preserved well into the future..

  • Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

    Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

    Founded in 1826, this club became the Royal Singapore Yacht Club in 1922 under the patronage of the Prince of Wales, and was renamed the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club in 1967 with the first president of Singapore, Yusof bin Ishak as its patron.

    National History, Lifestyle
  • Singapore Badminton Hall

    Singapore Badminton Hall

    The Singapore Badminton Hall was built in 1951 as the venue for the Thomas Cup Tournament, and the third tournament held there at 1955. It was the site for the vote-counting for the Referendum on Singapore’s merger with Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak on 1 September 1962.

    Culture & Community, National History, Lifestyle
  • Jalan Besar Stadium

    Jalan Besar Stadium

    Jalan Besar Stadium was Singapore’s main football arena until the National Stadium opened. It also hosted various national events, such as Singapore Youth Festival and National Day Parade.

    Culture & Community, Lifestyle, National History
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