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Dragon Kilin

Traditional Craftsmanship

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  • Making of Wood-Fired Pottery

    pottery making

    The making of traditional wood-fired pottery using the dragon kilns drew on millennia of pottery traditions in China.

  • Making of Gold Jewellery by Indian Goldsmiths

    indian goldsmith

    The knowledge of hand-crafting gold jewellery is traditionally passed down from generation to generation within Indian goldsmith families, known as "achari" or "kammalar" in Tamil Nadu.

  • Making and Wearing of the Baju Kurong

    baju kurong

    The traditional Malay clothing is called the baju kurong, and it is worn both for formal occasions such as weddings and as informal, everyday wear.

  • Making and Wearing of Songkok


    Songkok is a traditional headgear commonly associated with and worn by males from the Malay community.

  • Cheongsam Tailoring


    Cheongsams were popular among Chinese women in Singapore up to the 1960s. Today, they are mostly worn on special occasions such as Chinese New Year or for weddings.

  • Nyonya Beadwork and Embroidery

    nyona slippers

    Nyonya beadwork and embroidery are craft forms associated with the Peranakan community, and are found in decorations for everyday household items, as well as more ornamental pieces for special occasions such as weddings.

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