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    We are currently conducting documentation work on new elements for performing art.

  • Indian Dance Forms

    indian dance

    Indian classical dance is rooted in an ancient text, the Natya Shastra, which contains texts related to gestures, expressions, steps and postures of Indian classical dances.

  • Dikir Barat

    dikir barat

    Dikir barat is a performance art that involves a chorus of about 12-16 people, a lead vocalist, a jester and a percussion ensemble.

  • Chinese Opera

    chinese opera

    Chinese opera in Singapore include Teochew, Cantonese and Hokkien forms, with common elements in the performer's movements and music.

  • Bangsawan


    Bangsawan is a Malay operatic theatre form that features performing arts elements such as song, dance, and melodramatic narratives.

  • Indian Music Traditions

    indian classical music

    Indian classical music is a genre of music rooted in ancient Indian texts and the two major traditions are Carnatic music and Hindustani music.

  • Nanyin


    Nanyin (南音), or "music from the South", is a style of music that can be traced back to the southern province of Fujian in China.

  • Malay Dance Forms

    malay dance

    The traditional dance heritage of the Malay communities in Singapore is wide-ranging and diverse, and include zapin, joget, asli and inang.

  • Xinyao


    The term xinyao (新谣) refers to a repertoire of Mandarin songs composed, written and performed by Singaporeans.

  • Wushu


    Wushu (武术), also known as Chinese martial arts, originated in China. It started out in Singapore as a sport within Chinese clan associations.

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