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  • Singapore Through 19th Century Prints & Paintings

    Singapore Through 19th Century Prints & Paintings

    Often distinguished by exceptional detail, the images in this book creates an intriguing visual record, offering some of the oldest, rarest and most vibrant glimpses of Singapore.

  • The Straits Chinese House: Domestic Life and Traditions

    The Straits Chinese House Domestic Life and Traditions

    Family portraits as well as high-quality archival photographs of house interiors, furnishings and the practising of traditional rites, together with personal memoirs of life in Straits Chinese homes - some of them on a grand scale - illuminate a way of life which has now largely disappeared but which is nevertheless an important element of Singapore's history and cultural heritage

  • 38°C: Remembering SARS

    38°C: Remembering SARS

    So mysterious was the atypical pneumonia-like illness that the World Health Organization (WHO) could only name the new disease after its symptoms – severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

  • Wartime Kitchen: Food And Eating In Singapore 1942-1950

    Wartime Kitchen Food and Eating in Singapore 1942 - 1950

    Admire the resilience and adaptability of a people faced with limited resources and shortages during the Japanese Occupation and in post-war Singapore.

  • Vintage Singapore Souvenirs from the Recent Past

    Vintage Singapore Souvenirs from the Recent Past

    A retrospective of the recent past, Vintage Singapore evokes a strong sense of nostalgia and highlights the continuous rebirth of old familiar styles.

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