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  • Muse SG Volume 11 Issue 01

    Muse SG Vol 11 Issue 01

    MUSE SG commemorates Singapore’s bicentennial with a four-part series that explores how our place histories have shaped and contributed to the Singapore Story. In this issue, we focus on the unique heritage of Toa Payoh, Bishan, Kallang, Yishun, Bukit Panjang and Punggol.

  • Muse SG Vol 10 Issue 2

    MUSE SG Vol 9 Issue 1

    In this issue, we explore Singapore's past all the way back to the Neolithic era - learning how, despite the lack of documented history, there is compelling evidence that points to civilisations existing in Singapore and around the region some 3,000 years ago.

  • Muse SG Vol 10 Issue 1

    MUSE SG Vol 9 Issue 1

    In this issue, we focus on the history behind several of Singapore's early estates, and how they came to be shaped by commercial and industrial factors as well as governmental policies.

  • Muse SG Volume 9, Issue 3

    MUSE SG Vol 9 Issue 1

    In this issue, two of the exhibitions covered will feature topics that transcend the boundaries of time and geography. The first - Shaking it with Shakespeare provides interesting insights into how a man who lived more than 400 years ago continues to make his presence felt in countries all over the world today. You can discover more about the life and impact of this literary genius through our Looking for Shakespeare article.

  • Muse SG Volume 9, Issue 2

    MUSE SG Vol 9 Issue 1

    In our cover story – Bedok Heritage Trail: A Glimpse of the Seaside Town of the Past (page 10), we discover the history of Singapore’s multicultural eastern coastal settlements with the meaningfully designed Bedok Heritage Trail. Follow the footsteps of fishermen and farmers as they ply their trade, and learn about the unique stories behind the names and origins of various kampongs that used to dot the east.

  • Muse SG Volume 9, Issue 1

    MUSE SG Vol 9 Issue 1

    This issue profiles 12 individuals for The Stories Behind the Jubilee Walk, showcases intimate life stories and each is interwoven with the histories of our iconic sites, offering greater insight to how far modern-day Singapore has come from its past.

  • Muse SG Volume 8, Issue 3

    Muse SG Volume 8, Issue 3

    This issue focuses on the Singapore River and its place both in our history and current historical precinct. The recently launched Singapore River Walk highlights the various historic sites and the various individuals and communities who lived and worked by the river.

  • Muse SG Volume 8, Issue 2

    Muse Vol 8 Issue 2

    This issue tells the story of museums in Singapore and explores how they represent the heart of our community.

  • Muse SG Volume 8, Issue 1

    Muse Vol 8 Issue 1

    This magazine is about all of us — a collective, common heritage that connects all Singaporeans. A part of who we are.

  • BeMuse Volume 7, Issue 4

    BeMuse Vol 7 Issue 4

    This issue of shines the spotlight on various slices of our rich history, their stories and the lessons they hold.

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