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  • In Memoriam - Lee Kuan Yew 1923-2015

    lee kuan yew

    Our cover story is a tribute to Mr Lee’s contributions to Singapore, his international stature, and the ideals and convictions that shaped him and his generation of leaders.

  • Indian Heritage Centre - Our Community Treasure

    Launched on May 7, 2015 and located in the heart of Little India, the Indian Heritage Centre (IHC) showcases not only artefacts from the National Collection but also the community’s collections.

  • Habitat and Humanity - A History of Semakau Landfill


    Semakau Landfill is a place of contradictions, a land of stark yet striking contrasts. Dubbed a ‘Garbage of Eden’, a ‘Dump Wonderland’ and an ‘Island paradise built on a garbage dump’ by visiting journalists on a mission to discover Singapore’s unique solution for solid waste disposal, the island is a landfill that defies conventional expectations by doubling as a habitat for native biodiversity.

  • Hawker Centres - The View from Above


    Singaporeans have fond memories of their beloved hawker centres. They bear witness to significant as well as ordinary events such as our first taste of chilli, our birthday celebrations, our breakfast rituals and the constant satisfying of our hunger pangs. Hawker centres allow us to gather and eat at communal tables, savouring and partaking in each other’s food heritage.

  • Heritage is Alive and Amongst Us


    Heritage is indeed alive and living amongst us, literally!

  • Heritage Trail Adoption Scheme

    Walking from one historic site to another is what many tourists enjoy doing whenever they visit a new country. The exploration and discovery of historically significant places enhances one's understanding of a place's past, heritage, culture and people.

  • Horses for Courses


    Horses for Courses explored the history and development of horses, from the wild early years to the highly selective breeding of the present day. This exhibition celebrated the partnership between man and horse, in both work and play, within numerous cultures around the world.

  • Gold Rush - Treasures of Ukraine


    In end-May 2012, visitors to the National Museum of Singapore had the opportunity to view a spectacular collection of 260 pieces of gold jewellery, weapons, coins, household and religious objects. These treasures were on loan from two state museums in Ukraine – the National Museum of the History of Ukraine and the Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine.

  • Great Peranakans - Fifty Remarkable Lives


    Tan Tock Seng, Goh Keng Swee and the late Lee Kuan Yew — all integral Singaporean icons, and all of them “Peranakan”. The Malay word “Peranakan” commonly refers to the creolized Chinese who lived in Southeast Asia.

  • Geo Graphic - Celebrating Maps and their Stories


    Maps are fascinating objects. Visual and textual, they tell us about the world they depict and provide a glimpse into the worldview of their makers. In Singapore, maps are especially significant as they are the earliest material evidence of our past.

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