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  • Yu Sheng and Lo Hei


    Nothing gets the festivities of Chinese New Year started like a good lo hei - the tossing tradition of the colourful and flavorful Yu Sheng salad for good fortune.

  • Roosters of the National Collection

    red jungle fowl

    Whether it’s a pair of delicate traditional slippers or a vessel from the 15th Century, the National Collection has many special artefacts that feature this year’s zodiac animal - the Rooster. Let's take a closer look at some of these pieces.

  • Festivals in Singapore

    Mid Autumn Festival Light Up in Chinatown

    Modern Singapore is well-known to be a society where a hybrid of cultures and communities of different faiths and beliefs coexist in harmony. This rich and vibrant multicultural heritage of Singapore is celebrated through her many diverse festivals, spread over the calendar year.

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