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  • Singapore's First Financiers


    The Chettiars are a subgroup of the Tamil community who originated from Chettinad in Tamil Nadu, India.

  • The First Arrivals


    The Chinese originated from China, Indians from India, Europeans from Europe – but how about the Malays? Were they all indigenous to Malaysia?

  • Punggol: Waves of Recreation


    In 1996, the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA) published a brochure advertising Punggol as the “waterfront town of the 21st century”. Indeed, Punggol has a longstanding heritage of being a town that boasts of living and relaxation by the waters.

  • Secrets of the Fallen Pagoda: Uncovering a 1000-year-old Treasure Trove


    Shining their torches into the dark depths, the archaeologists were astonished to see gleaming articles of gold and silver packed into a stone chamber.

  • Recording the Past with Film


    Historical films are the most difficult types of film to make because in a way the script has already been written.

  • Rainforests by the Sea: Celebrating Singapore Mangrove Forests


    Mangrove forests are the “rainforests by the sea”. Found in the tropics, these forests, which grow at the interface between land and sea, consist of unique flora and fauna assemblages specially adapted to tolerate fluctuating salinities, muddy and anoxic soils.

  • Showing HeritageCares


    It is often said that arts and culture are the preserve of the privileged. However, the National Heritage Board, with all its national museums, creates access for all.

  • Destination - Nanyang


    Coolies who arrived in Singapore in the 1800s were impoverished, unskilled Chinese male immigrants who had come to Singapore to seek their fortunes, but ended up as contracted labourers who worked in industries such as construction, agriculture, shipping, mining and rickshaw-pulling.

  • Singapore Takes Flight: A Hundred Years in Aviation


    Aviation history was made on 16 March 1911. On this day, the first aircraft took flight in Singapore, when a Bristol Boxkite biplane piloted by Joseph Christiaens rose into the air from the old Race Course at Farrer Park.

  • SIT Houses Along Serangoon Road: Singapore's Forgotten Urban Heritage and the Enclaves of Little India


    There are many stories of Serangoon Road which tell of the people, trades and festivities that make Little India an interesting and exciting place for locals and tourists to visit.

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