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  • Philately - Singapore's Story in Stamps


    Tucked away on a hill, hidden among the high commercial buildings, it is difficult to imagine that a red-roofed, two-storey building holds the blueprints of the Singapore philately story.

  • Pasir Ris: Written in the Sand

    pasir ris

    Singaporeans identify with Pasir Ris in different ways.

  • National Day Parade Over the Years


    Every 9th of August is celebrated with style in Singapore. The traditional fly-past of Singapore's state flag, exciting parachuting performances by the red lions, and the march past of the parade contingents have become synonymous with our National Day celebrations.

  • Of the terms 'Pioneer' and 'Second Generation' - Rethinking Boundaries and Categorisations in the Study of Singapore Modern Art


    In the course of preparing for the 2014 exhibition ‘A Changed World: Singapore Art 1950s-1970s’, one of the challenges that confronted my co-curator, Daniel Tham, and myself was the use of terms in discussions about modern art in Singapore.

  • Our Natural Heritage - Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum


    Singapore’s first stand-alone natural history museum finally opened its doors to the public on April 18, 2015 and members of the public warmly welcomed the latest member of our museum and heritage scene.

  • More About More Than A Garden


    Why, indeed? That's exactly what the exhibition "More than a Garden" sought to address. To understand the nomination, we first need to consider what the World Heritage List is really all about. To many, it is a prestigious compilation of the world’s greatest historical and cultural treasures marked for preservation for all the world to share forever. That it is. But there is also a greater story of humanity that unfolds through this collection of Sites, and each Site on the list is meant to reflect one or more aspects of this grand narrative.

  • Museums in Singapore - A Short History


    The story of museums in Singapore begins with the Raffles Museum. Initiated by Raffles himself in 1823, and established in 1874 as part of a joint Raffles Library and Museum before it moved to its present Stamford Road premises in 1887, its purpose was to acquire specimens from and undertake research into Peninsular Malaya’s wealth of natural history, ethnology, and archaeology.

  • Nanyin: An Evolution in Singapore


    In today’s fast-paced Singapore, it is hard to imagine ancient art forms like Nanyin (南音) and Liyuan (梨 園) opera taking root and finding a following among youths. Yet a Singaporean group in their 20s faithfully immerse themselves in this world of centuries-old musical instruments such as the dongxiao and sanxian, and slow, melodious singing in Southern Min dialect.

  • Monumental Weddings: Wedding Portraits at National Monuments


    MONUMENTAL WEDDINGS presented a collection of about 150 archival and contemporary wedding photographs taken at 32 of Singapore’s national monuments from the early 20th century to the present.

  • Living Treasures in the Treetops: A Fresh Look at Singapore's Banded Leaf Monkeys


    Travelling along the arboreal forested highways with graceful four-limbed locomotion is an enigmatic acrobat in a black coat of fur: The Banded Leaf Monkey.

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