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  • Kopi Talk with Our Clans and Associations

    Kwong Wai Siew

    Ever wondered what clans and associations in Singapore do? Well, we sure did, and here are some insights into our afternoon chats over kopi with these champions of Chinese heritage and culture.

  • The Singapore River: Where Cultures & Communities Meet

    Singapore River Walk

    The Singapore River is a story about change; of how a river, as a lifeline to generations of Singaporeans over the years, contributed to the success of Singapore. Here, five objects from our National Collection bring you more stories to remember about the Singapore River.

  • Dr Tan Tsze Chor

    Mr Tan

    After Dr Tan Tsze Chor – a businessman, calligrapher, and generous supporter of the arts – died in 1983, the family donated over 100 works to the Asian Civilisations Museum in early 2000 and grew an art fund in his name.

  • Lim Bo Seng


    Lim Bo Seng is a war hero who fought to reclaim Malaya and Singapore back from the Japanese during World War II. A loyal Chinese patriot and freedom fighter, he sacrificed his life at a young age of 35 during the war.

  • Lieutenant Adnan and the Battle of Bukit Chandu


    One of the last great battles of the Japanese invasion took place on 14 February 1942, fought by the brave soldiers of the Malay Regiment.

  • Caldecott Through The Years


    For the past 80 years, you have known it as the stomping ground of Singapore’s best-loved television stars, and where our television classics such as ‘Under One Roof’, ‘The Unbeatables’ and ‘The Little Nyonya’ were created.

  • A Taste of History at Little India

    Little India

    Mention Little India, and popular eateries such as Komala Vilas and Banana Leaf Apolo come to mind. These are some of the iconic food spots that have grown to be synonymous with Little India, alongside the likes of Tekka Market, Little India Arcade and Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.

  • Remembering Geylang Serai – Garrick Cinema

    Today, the former Garrick cinema houses the Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore

  • Dalforce: Dalley's Desperadoes


    One of the military units that defended Singapore from the Japanese was a group of Chinese volunteers with barely any training or weapons.

  • Jurong New Town and Jurong Industrial Estate

    Dr Goh Keng Swee at JTC Meeting in 1968

    Jurong New Town and the accompanying Jurong Industrial Estate were the two most ambitious projects the government undertook during the 1960s. It was helmed by former Finance Minister Dr Goh Keng Swee and transformed the former swamplands of Jurong into a key-manufacturing sector that provided jobs for thousands of Singaporeans, all while creating a brand new housing estate altogether.

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