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  • Lien Wen Sze, Heritage Volunteer

    Wen Sze’s mission is to get more people to visit Singapore’s museums.

    Whenever Lien Wen Sze goes to the Asian Civilisations Museum, she is armed with a mind full of knowledge, and often, with her friends and family in tow.

  • Ma Swan Hoo, Heritage Volunteer

    Ma Swan Hoo decided to become a docent because of her love for history.

    Ma Swan Hoo is determined to make Singapore’s past a beacon for the future.

  • Jo Wright, Heritage Volunteer

    Growing up near Oxford in the United   Kingdom, Jo Wright waa addicted to stories from a young age.

    Jo Wright can turn an ordinary stone into an object of wonder by telling you a story about it.

  • Clara Chan, Heritage Volunteer

    As FOM’s President, Clara is still actively conducting tours as guiding is her first love.

    For decades, Clara Chan worked with numbers. When she retired, she decided to follow her heart and joined Friends of the Museums.

  • Patricia Welch, Heritage Volunteer

    Patricia Welch is well-versed with Asian art, and   found the perfect combination for her skils in   being a docent.

    Once a teacher, always a teacher – the saying resonates with Patricia Welch. Decades after she left academia and travelled across the world, Patricia has found the perfect combination for her education and experience in being a volunteer docent.

  • Pok Cheng San, Heritage Volunteer

    Pok Cheng San wants to influence how visitors perceive Singapore, beginning with an accurate understanding of the past.

    Pok Cheng San brings the Singapore story to life for museum visitors with his wit and masterful story-telling.

  • Long Chin Peng, Heritage Volunteer

    Chin Peng is driven by a sense of patriotic duty to give back to society.

    Long Chin Peng gave up her job as a Chinese teacher to raise her four children. Today, she is one of the most active and respected volunteer guides among the Mandarin Docents.

  • Akiko Kato, Heritage Volunteer

    Being a docent has changed Akiko Kato's life.

    Guiding has helped Akiko Kato to better understand not only Singapore’s culture but also Japan’s.

  • Belinda Mock, Heritage Volunteer

    Belinda Mock wants visitors ro realise that she is the product of Singapore's history.

    Visitors to a museum would expect to be taken into the depths of history. But, as Belinda Mock sees it, Singapore’s past is very much breathing and alive.

  • Lionel Louis, Heritage Volunteer

    Lionel Louis enjoys revealing secrets of the past that are not taught in textbooks.

    Since 2015, Lionel Louis has served as the President of Museum Volunteers, a group of 200 men and women who lead free tours of the museums on weekends.

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