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  • Protector of Singapore’s built heritage

    Kelvin Ang

    Kelvin Ang believes that heritage buildings must be places where people spend time, creating happy memories of their own.

  • The spice queen

    Devagi Sanmugam

    Devagi Sanmugam has produced 22 cookbooks that help to keep alive traditional Asian recipes. She shares with us what drives her.

  • Som Said, choreographer

    Som Said

    Learn more about Singapore’s most well-known Malay dance choreographer.

  • Digging up history

    John Miksic

    John Miksic shares about his archaeological work in Singapore and beyond.

  • A fan of local coffee shops

    Lai Ah Eng

    Find out why Lai Ah Eng loves our kopitiam heritage.

  • Museum Man

    Kennie Ting

    Kennie Ting helps to preserve and care for our rich heritage of ancient Asian civilisations.

  • P Ramlee

    P Ramlee in the 1960s

    P Ramlee is considered one of the biggest icons of the Malay film industry during the golden era of cinema in Singapore and Malaysia. The multi-talented entertainment extraordinaire first made his mark in Singapore and excelled in his career as an actor, singer, songwriter and director. P Ramlee was also highly popular in the region (Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia), and was recognised for his craft at several Asian Film Festival awards.

  • Zubir Said

    Zubir Said in an interview in 1957

    Zubir Said is among Singapore’s most prominent music composers and songwriters. Affectionately addressed by many as Pak Zubir, he is has composed over 1,500 songs, comprising film songs, popular songs and national songs. He is best known as the composer of the National Anthem of Singapore, "Majulah Singapura".

  • The Acrobatic Cycling Troupe, Kong Chow Wui Koon (冈州会馆飞车队)

    The Acrobatic Cycling Troupe, Kong Chow Wui Koon (冈州会馆飞车队)

    The Kong Chow Clan Acrobatic Cycling Troupe was formed in 1957 and was well known for their acrobatic cycling stunts and performances.

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