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  • A Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail - A Route to Discovery

    tiong bahru

    Tucked way behind the borders of Singapore's shopping district is Tiong Bahru, a quaint and charming housing estate dotted with eclectic independent shops as well as eateries old and new. Popularly known for its food offerings and distinctive architecture, Tiong Bahru as become one of Singapore's most sought-after residences as many people have rediscovered in recent years the unique attractions of a laid-back, low-rise neighbourhood.

  • Bedok Heritage Trail: A Glimpse of the Seaside Town of the Past


    Sun, sand and palm trees have long defined Singapore's eastern coast.

  • Beginnings of the Singapore Improvement Trust and Tiong Bahru Estate

    Singapore Improvement Trust flats dating to 1950s

    Established in 1920 following recommendations of a housing commission set up to review living conditions of the overcrowded central area of Singapore, the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) grew out of an idea first mooted more than a decade earlier in an editorial of The Singapore Free Press. SIT's first major housing project was Kampong Tiong Bahru.

  • Bishan: Living with the Dead


    There is a multi-storey dwelling which is one of the most highly sought-after “residences” in Bishan. Home to many, including my great-grandmother, this prime location is always alive with chatter whenever my family visits. Yet, no one really lives in these blocks of “flats”. Indeed, far from catering to the living, Peck San Theng is a final resting place for the dead.

  • Black and White Houses in Singapore

    A Black and White Bungalow from the 1900s

    In land-scarce Singapore, the sight of one of the estimated 500 remaining Black and White Houses often conjures up memories of the colonial era in Singapore. Although a majority of these houses were built within a short span of around 25 years between 1903-1928, its uniqueness to the region and unrivalled architecture has made it an invaluable part of Singapore’s history.

  • Bukit Panjang: More Than Just A Town on the Byway

    bukit panjang

    Mention Bukit Panjang to any Singaporean and images of a typical Housing & Development Board (HDB) town will likely come to mind.

  • Caldecott Through The Years


    For the past 80 years, you have known it as the stomping ground of Singapore’s best-loved television stars, and where our television classics such as ‘Under One Roof’, ‘The Unbeatables’ and ‘The Little Nyonya’ were created.

  • Community Heritage Trail: Bukit Timah

    bukit timah

    One gets a sense of both the local and the colonial when exploring Bukit Timah. From road names such as Princess of Wales Road and Jalan Haji Alias, to buildings like St Joseph’s Church, the former Ford Motor Factory and The Chinese High School, centuries of history can be found in Bukit Timah, each telling a part of Singapore’s past.

  • Heritage is Alive and Amongst Us


    Heritage is indeed alive and living amongst us, literally!

  • Johnston's and Clifford Pier

    1973 Upgrade to Clifford Pier and Change Alley

    Named after Alexander Laurie Johnston, one of Singapore’s earliest European settlers, Johnston’s Pier was also affectionately known as Lampu Merah (Malay) or Ang Teng (Hokkien), which means “Red Lamp”. This was in reference to the red lantern hung at the end of the pier that served as a warning for incoming sea-faring vessels. Johnston’s Pier was the predecessor to what most people would recognise as Clifford Pier today.

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