Wartime Trails: Changi

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The Changi Museum & Chapel

Johor Battery

Selarang Camp

Changi Village

Changi Beach Park

Wartime Trails: Changi

3 loved this Trail

  1. The Changi Museum & Chapel
  2. Johor Battery
  3. Selarang Camp
  4. Changi Village
  5. Changi Beach Park
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Singapore Tourism Board
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Military history buffs will undoubtedly be familiar with Changi’s significance in WWII and the Japanese Occupation - it was a site of wartime suffering and is well worth a day trip for its moving history. For the full Changi experience, you can book the award-winning Changi WWII tour from www.journeys.com.sg, which costs $55 per adult and $30 per child.

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