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  • Trees of the Fort Trail

    Roots logo (645 x 430)

    The trees on this trail were selected for their interesting features that set them apart from other trees in the park. The Kapok, for instance, stands out due to its sheer size and thorny bark. The Malayan Banyan is a majestic sight with its aerial roots hanging down. One of the Madras Thorns you get to see here is Singapore’s largest to date. If you wonder how a tree looks like upside down, the Baobab is the tree to visit.

  • Walking in the Footsteps of our Foremothers

    Charlotte Elizabeth Ferguson Davie 2

    Trace the steps of inspiring women who left their historical footprint on the island of Singapore. Learn about the rich history of each landmark along the route and how each of the women highlighted have been instrumental in shaping Singapore’s history.

    Culture & Community, Lifestyle, Architecture, War
  • Singapore Maritime Trail

    Singapore River Walk

    According to archaeological research done by Prof John Miksic, 14th century Singapore was not a sleepy fishing village but an important port of call for richly laden trade.

    Lifestyle, Culture & Community
  • Historic Waterfront Trail

    Original Merlion Site

    The story of Singapore’s historic waterfront extends back to the foundation of Modern Singapore as a trading post in 1819 by the British East India Company. Its physical landscape reflects the changes and development of Singapore from a fledgling port city into a major 21st Century metropolis.

    Culture & Community, Lifestyle
  • Kampong Glam Trail

    Istana Kampong Gelam

    This Malay Historic District used to be and still is the hub of the Muslim community today. It was gazetted as a Conservation Area in 1989. Most of the buildings here are shophouses, the majority of which have remained intact over the years, retaining with them the rich culture and history of yesteryears. The shophouse is one of the most significant building types in Singapore’s architectural heritage, reflecting much of the island’s history and development.

    Culture & Community, Architecture, Lifestyle
  • Chinatown Trail

    Custom House, Maxwell Road

    The Historic District of Chinatown comprises four distinct sub-districts: Telok Ayer, Kreta Ayer, Bukit Pasoh and Tanjong Pagar. This guide introduces the history and character of the area and explains its growth from the 1820s, when it began as the first settlement of immigrants from southern China and southern India, until the immediate post-World War II period. Together with the other precincts south of the Singapore River, they made up what was known colloquially as the Greater Town (or Da Po, 大坡) of Singapore. Because of its architectural, historical and social importance, the area was given conservation status on 7 July 1989.

    Culture & Community
  • Chinatown Clans & Associations Trail

    Fuk Tak Chi

    Since the 1820s, the area south of the Singapore River developed as the earliest Chinese settlement in Singapore. Clans, associations, temples and other institutional buildings were established here and form part of the rich heritage and roots of the Chinese in Singapore.

    Architecture, Culture & Community
  • Wartime Trails: Pasir Panjang

    Fort Siloso

    The southwestern coast of Singapore, Pasir Panjang (Malay for ‘long beach’) is where history was made in February 1942. In what is known as the Battle of Pasir Panjang Ridge, the Japanese launched and won a two-day military attack on the Allied forces defending the island—after which Singapore fell under Japanese control.

  • Wartime Trails: Kranji

    Former Ford Factory

    If your schedule permits, a day trip to the northern part of Singapore is well worth your time, for it’s the site of the Kranji Beach Battle in February 1942, Japan’s second attack on Singapore (before the Battle of Pasir Panjang).

  • Wartime Trails: Civic District

    Kempeitai East District Branch

    Singapore’s civic district, which was once the site of the former British colony’s commercial and administrative activities in the 19th and 20th century, is where you’ll find plenty of important buildings and places of interest.

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