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  • Jubilee Walk

    Jubilee Walk

    The Jubilee Walk is an eight-kilometre trail that connects the past, present and future elements of the Singapore story, from ancient Temasek to the colonial era, to nationhood, rapid urban development and beyond.

    Architecture, Culture & Community, Lifestyle, Nature, War, Art, National History
  • Queenstown Heritage Trail

    Colonial Terraces at Jalan Hang Jebat

    My Queenstown Heritage Trail recounts the story of Queenstown and visits the iconic landmarks which define the Queenstown skyline for the past 60 years. As the first satellite estate, the trail also tells you about the evolution of public housing in Singapore through personal stories of older residents.

    Culture & Community, Architecture, Healthcare, National History, War, Defence
  • World War 2 Trail

    World War 2 Trail by National Heritage Board

    The Second World War came to Malaya and Singapore on 8 December 1941, more than two years after it broke out in Europe. After the Fall of Singapore on 15 February 1942, the island was renamed Syonan-To (Light of the South) and it spent the next 3 years and 7 months under the Japanese Occupation (1942–45). The war ended in the Asia-Pacific with the signing of the Instrument of Surrender in Singapore on 12 September 1945.

    War, National History, Defence
  • Bukit Timah Heritage Trail

    Bukit Timah Trail Cover Photo

    Rich with heritage and an interesting story of its own, Bukit Timah indeed has much to offer, ranging from the lush of greenery to historical wartime sites, to schools and pockets of housing estates. Join us as we unpack the history of Bukit Timah, starting from the Old Ford factory site where we relive the war experience, and end at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, where we catch a glimpse of a wide variety of flora and fauna and or relax and take a stroll amidst the greenery.

    Culture & Community, National History, Food, War
  • Wartime Trails: Pasir Panjang

    Fort Siloso

    The southwestern coast of Singapore, Pasir Panjang (Malay for ‘long beach’) is where history was made in February 1942. In what is known as the Battle of Pasir Panjang Ridge, the Japanese launched and won a two-day military attack on the Allied forces defending the island—after which Singapore fell under Japanese control.

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